Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Scandinavian Design in the Doll’s House takes the reader trough
the changing trends in Scandinavian interior design, from
It was in Scandinavia that modernist design
came to interest
toy makers on a considerable scale
and this unique production
of dolls houses and dolls
house furniture in modern style
is prized both by
collectors and by children at play.

The book captures the Nordic way of life that has influenced
interior design throughout the world. Childlike in some ways,
perversely voyeuristic in others, this book is a must for midcentury
lovers and has the potential to be a cult classic.

Author: Yvette Wadsted, Ulf Beckman
Photographer: Michel Hjorth
Graphic design: Gabor Palotai Design
The book is available in Swedish and English
Distribution Sweden: Förlagssystem
International distribution: Birkhauser/Actar Europa, RAM USA.
Petail price: 495 SEK/52,6 EURO

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