Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More from Miniature i Tune 2012

Miniature i Tune 2012

My second corse was making metalflowers, hard but very fun!

First you have to saw all flower and leaf parts from brass. Then shape the flat bass into the shape of a flower, after that you solder the flower on to a metall steam. Spray paint everything and then you can handpaint the flowers and leaf as you desire!! Very fun!! 

Sunny hugs from me!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Result from Miniature in Tune 2012

The result!

All the little pieces, the smallest 0,5 mm                                


Can you see the little hole? I drilled with a 0,3 mm drill

Miniature in Tune 2012

I had a 3 day course with Jens Torp making a silver flagpole for the dollhouse table. I never thought I could make it but I´m very pleased. It was extreamly difficult but more fun!! I never thougt I would like to work with silver but I will absolutley take more classes with silver next year in Tune.

Enjoy summer! Hugs Weronica