Monday, 16 July 2012

Result from Miniature in Tune 2012

The result!

All the little pieces, the smallest 0,5 mm                                


Can you see the little hole? I drilled with a 0,3 mm drill

Miniature in Tune 2012

I had a 3 day course with Jens Torp making a silver flagpole for the dollhouse table. I never thought I could make it but I´m very pleased. It was extreamly difficult but more fun!! I never thougt I would like to work with silver but I will absolutley take more classes with silver next year in Tune.

Enjoy summer! Hugs Weronica

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  1. Hyggelig å hilse på deg i Tune :)
    Har allerede meldt meg på til neste år .
    Flaggstangen din å blomstene ble riktig flotte !

    En fortsatt fine sommer til deg

    Hilsen Janne