Friday, 11 January 2013

Preparing for City of London Dollshouse Festival 27 of January

Hope I see some of you at City of London Dollshouse Festival on the 27 of Januari!

This is the first time I´m attending a miniature show in London, exating & scarry at the same time.
Working like crazy to prepare everything, but what is ready is ready, like this two chairs. I hope you like them? They are a bit different and differnt is fun!

Now back to work enjoy FRIDAY


  1. I must be honest with you, I do not like skeletons and I am not a fan of anything Halloween! Minus the skeletons, I do like the chairs and I love the carpet they are sitting on!

    1. Thank you for being honest! I like that

      I actually like skeletons but I don´t like Halloween. There will be more chairs with fabric that I make my self with totally different paterns...Have a grayt day Lucille!

  2. :) Jeg synes stolene dine er festlige!!!
    Lykke til i London. Skulle ønske jeg kunne vært der, men har ikke anledning. Har vært der en gang tidligere.

  3. Vilka underbara stolar! Nån har visst suttit still lite väl länge.. ;)