Monday, 31 May 2010

Hand made by Gullvie

This amazing set is hand embrodied by Gullvie in Stockholm!! I have not decided if I shall sell it in my store or buy it to my own dollhouse...It is one of a kind piece and I will never be able to make something like that!


  1. It's fantastic!!

    Great items!!

  2. Es increible, menudo trabajo, yo no se si seria capaz de desprenderme de algo tan bonito y bien hecho... no se puede pagar tanto trabajo.Felicidades.

  3. Fabulous set - you just keep it yourself :)

  4. Very nice. congratulations.
    Carmen kisses

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    Thank you Carmen

  5. Thank you all! I will tell Gullvie all the lovely comments she got! hugs weronica

  6. Es una preciosidad todo lo que haces y muy buen gusto.Felicidades