Thursday, 3 June 2010

The shop

Some details from the shop, slowly its getting more and more ready, I simlpy love being in the shop at meet all lovely costumers and people who just are a little bit qurious. I hope the sun are shining on everybody.

I bought some lovely jus and bread boxes from Lottjes Dollhouse and now she got her own shelf!!

The somewhat different lamp is something I made, quite funny

The beautiful house is by Brian Stevens, it is really a made from an excellent dollhouse bulder!


  1. I love all the pictures from your shop! It looks so wonderful, filled with lovely items and light. it looks very delikat and fresh.D
    Love the new furniture collection too!!!
    Wishing you the best of luck with the shop!!

  2. Your shop looks wonderful! I would love to be able to visit it.
    I especially love the lamp you made with the birds and butterflies on it. That is really fun!
    Good luck with your new shop!

  3. Wow, it is wonderful!
    I am a bit proud that my things standing in your shop.
    Good luck

    Hugs Sylvia